TESTIMONIALS :: What our customers are saying...

"I love the nano case, it fits it perfectly, looks sharp and seems to provide a good deal of protection! At first I thought not having access to the hold switch would be a handicap but instead of keeping the iPod in my pocket I just clip it on to my pants which now gives me access to the controls! Thanks a bunch! Definitely worth the $20!"
- Pedro

"I did use it today at the Gym...WOW...not sure if you invented this armband but if you did, great job. I worked today my upper body and the armband was so comfortable I forgot it was there. Did not get in the way at all. The NANO fit perfectly. Thanks again and keep up the good work. I will spread the word around if I see someone with the NANO at the gym."
- Jay

"Just wanted you to know I got my armband yesterday. You have no idea how great this is! I've been relecutant to run with my new nano because I didn't have a case or band for it. The apple band looks horrible and there aren't any other products out yet for it. It really works well, I'll be using it everyday."
- Jason

"Great product. Just got back from a 6 mile run and it preformed like a champ. Had the nano upside-down with the lower 3 controls above the band and was able to forward songs, adjust the volume and view the playing song. Band was very comfortable and easy to adjust. Also my velcro key holder attached nicely to it."
- Garth

"I received the armband. My "genuine" Apple armband didn't last more than 1 workout. An off brand armband didn't even fit around my arm. This armband, wonderful. I worked out in it today, fits perfect with plenty of extra room. Comfortable and looks to be very durable. Definitely the best one out of any of my other ones that I purchased. Thanks again."
- Andrew

"I got it today and just returned from a 6 mile run with it on -- worked EXCELLENT. I will keep your info in the event I ever need another band. I have had other bands for my previous mp3 players and they sucked compared to this one. Thanks again for a great product."
- Evan

"I received your arm band today and it seems to be perfect - exactly what I expected and hoped for! Thank you! You've done a nice job with it! It was great doing business with you - good luck in the future!"
- Amanda B.

"Just received the armband today. Tried it on immediately and love it! It's perfect for what I need it for. The velcro feels pretty heavy-duty which makes me believe it won't slip and there's enough of it to allow me to keep it as tight as I want."
- Christy

"I got my armband last night -- It looks great, I tried it on and it fits fine too. ...I am very pleased thus far! Thanks for your wonderful customer service and LIGHTING FAST shipment. Thanks again!"
- Beryl

"Thanks so much for the wonderful armband! It is exactly what I was looking for and wanting. Thank you."
- Amanda

"Just received the iPod Shuffle armband. Quality product and a flexible fit! Thanks for the fast shipping."
- Susan