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   MP3Band-It :: Take Your Music with You

MP3Band-It provides simple, clean, durable, and economical cases for iPods.

The Companion is a simple black leatherette case for the 5G Video, Nano, and Shuffle iPods and are designed for protection and portability. Protect and comfortably hold your iPod on your belt, workout pant, shirt or wherever else you might clip it while on the go. Bring your iPod with you without worry of scratch or wear to your iPod.

The MP3Band-It Armband is available for the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano (1st and 2nd generations) in both black and white. The armbands have been MARKED DOWN to $9.99. The armband will also accomodate other small MP3 players and works very well with the Sony Walkman Core™ MP3 Player NW-E500 Series and the new Sony Walkman Core™ MP3 Player NW-E00 Series.

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The Companion for the iPod Shuffle The Companion for the iPod Nano